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♥ Anka Sara ♥
Makeup Lover Fanovi

Anka Sara Zecevic
Makeup Lover Instagram Fanovi

The Latest Instagram Photos From Serbia's

#1 Most Famous Psychopath
Dating Scammer Prostitute

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Serbian Prostitute Fan Calendar
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Definition Of A 
♥ Love Fraud ♥

Love Fraud Is The Intentional Exploitation Of Someone Through Manipulating Emotions And Trust In A Personal Relationship

The Exploitative Relationship Is Frequently Romantic. People Who Engage In Love Fraud Are SOCIOPATHS...


Caution: The Girl You Met Is Not The Real Anka Sara

Read The Serbian Guys Report In Srpski On Anka Sara @ https://inherownwords.tk/izvestaj-u-srpski


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See The Truth About
Anka Sara Zecevic

Serbian Scammer
♥ Anka Sara Story ♥
"In Her Own Words"

"Two Years In The Clutches Of
A Lying Psychopath"
A  Shocking Story of Lies, Deceit 
And Psychopath Manipulation

( Book In Progress )

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Anka Sara Zecevic

A Woman Who Uses Her Son As An
Excuse To Lie, Cheat And Steal !!!

A Psycho Liar Who Says "I Love You"
As She Steals And Manipulates You. 
Caution: Lifelong Con Artist Thief

Fan Radio 94.7 Disc Jockey
Bajina Basta, Serbia


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Never Trust This Woman..Never..!!!!!
Never Believe Her Sad Stories..!!!!!
Never Believe Her Lies..!!!!!

Fan Radio 94.7 DJ Bajina Basta
A Well Known Local BB Con Artist
Her Neighbors Spoke Out On FB
There Is A Long List Of Victims..!!!!!

People You May Know.... looool
Unfortunately Yes

Enjoy The Serbian Prostitute Theme Song
"Your Latest Trick"
Dire Straits